This is what i hate after an out of town project the rush of doing pending things here in Manila.  Stress in the morning…whoo, just relax Ace.

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Home Bound

A came here south of Manila to implement one business project but turned my world upside down bec:

1. There was no implementation happened bec resources weren’t available
2. I worked as a photographer instead
3. I became a mediator of my friends’ relationship Naz and mitch.
4. Naz is the owner of the business and I wasn’t able to collect the DP.
5. I just got back in the hotel from last night’s fuck and I will fly back home without any sleep.

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Hotel At Its Finest

Current in one of the finest hotels in the Philippines.  I feel good at the moment after a successful project last night.  Workout, hot tub then breakfast was so great!

Im rushing this post because i need to process some photos….see ya!

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Just Started

It’s my fifth day today and my engine is just about to start for work. It has been so just purely fun in my stay with annoying phone call with my client in ilocos.

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Output Output Output

Havnt been so productively lately. It’s nice if you are motivated to do something but the people and collaboration suck! Jessie is a good entrepreneur but he’s not good in business process and HR management.

Hope to be productive today.

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Workout anywhere

I am happy to have found some place to workout out of town. The gym is an all-in-one gym with swimming, basketball etc. I am excited to stay here….

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I already miss my family. I’ve been here just yesterday and I’m already missing them. I hope to end my job here soon…

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Multi task today.  have to spend time with the kids, then meeting at north, finish some art work and then fly south of manila for a festival..

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Damn Credit Card

I just got a call from a credit card company reminding me of my outstanding balance…damn i am pissed, i just have an overdue of 75 pesos…

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Pixie has always been a doubtful and jealous wife.  She has been thinking negative about me every time i go out.  She checks my phone every now and then to see if i am seeing someone or if i am betraying her.

To be honest, i do lie to her, does what she think.  I am wrong but i am pissed as well if she doesn’t trust me.  Anyway, life is always unfair…

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